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Sara Dewèrn, Certified Professional Coach, ELI-MP


We already have all the answers we need within us.

I partner with growth-oriented individuals who want to create CHANGE by leading with courage & authenticity

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"If you want to partner with someone that supports you in a professional manner, has a calm and understanding aura but at the same time challenges you when it comes to difficult topics; I give my warmest recommendations to Sara. Thanks for everything Sara - we’ll meet again!"

Mirelle Englund, Interim CEO/Cheif Operating Officer, Bzzt Sverige

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  • Wanting or needing CHANGE but wondering how or where to start?

  • Reaching your goals but feeling that a deeper meaning & purpose is missing?

  • Experiencing that you're not where you're "supposed to be" but at the same time don't know where your're going?​

  • Lacking a vision for the future that inspires & motivates you?

    Experiencing these things can be lonely, confusing & stressful. I know because I've been here myself. Don't worry, there is a way forward!

    If navigated properly, this situation can serve as a fertilizing ground that can propel you to higher levels of development and wellbeing than you could ever have imagined possible. 


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And in the process got to:


  • Fully TRUST & rely on yourself, feeling safe & comfortable in your own skin.

  • ​Rid yourself of old & unconscious self-judgments of who you "should" be.

  • Let go of feelings of uncertainty, fear & powerlessness & instead feel EMPOWERED, INSPIRED & MOTIVATED.

  • Feel an abiding sense of inner joy, peace & wellbeing.

  • Feel strong, safe & confident when making decisions, being fully established in your integrity & authenticity.

Crossing the River
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Good question! Here are some scientific data

The University of Amsterdam compiled 107 different scientific studies investigating the effects of coaching. The results found that coaching had a crucial, as well as significant, positive effect on these parameters:

Goal completion +74%

Performance +60%

Attitude +54%

Wellbeing +46%

Adaptability & resilience +43% 



Your current mindset is a reflection of your PERCEPTION of reality - changing your mindset without basing that change on your fundamental perception won't create sustainable results.

The main reasons why many people struggle when it comes to growing and making changes are:

1. Not having enough awareness of one's current mindset or lens of perception (we all have blind spots).

2. Wishing to adopt a new more "positive" mindset without investigating the current one and thereby overriding difficult emotions and the things that blocks you. (Also referred to as "toxic positivity". This isn't healthy nor is it sustainable.)

3. Lacking a systematic approach, consistency and the right tools.


4. Lack of appropriate support and accountability. 

This is exactly why there are people such as myself trained in this process. Don't make your journey more difficult than it needs to be. I've got you!


Lotta Domonkos, founder Leonora

I’m really grateful for the coaching experience with Sara. I am impressed that she helped me to reach the goals I set up and the results I was hoping for. The coaching process was a very pleasant experience since Sara as a coach is very attentive, kind but at the same time has this crystal clear ability to grasp what it is really about before me even knowing or spelling it out. 

She catch different subjects very fast. I liked how the session were formed and Sara’s way of structuring the coaching process. Sara has this warm and welcoming aura that makes it very easy to work through even harder subjects. I never felt exposed but rather uplifted after every session. A huge thank you Sara and I would recommend every one who wants to take their business or themselves to the next level to book a session with Sara.

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“No man’s knowledge here can go beyond his experience.” - John Locke

Coaching is a process defined as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential.” In other words, it's a process that supports the individual while he/she is engaging their conscious evolution.

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Hiring someone to help you with your personal leadership development isn't about hiring the person that will give you the best advice... If that's what you're looking for, I'm probably not the person for you.

If however, you're looking for someone to partner with who has unquestionable faith in your abilities and that you already have the answers that you're looking for within you, someone who serves as a safe and focused achor with the intention to help you lead with as much authenticity as possible - if that's what you're looking for - LET'S TALK!

Studying at Home


The alternatives, what it is & what it's not

In comparison with mentoring, therapy and consulting, I won't give you advice, nor do I see the need to do so. I couldn't possibly come up with the right answers for you. What I can do is to help you access your answers.

My job is to help you CONNECT WITH YOURSELF, understand what's getting in your way, gain clarity of what your way forward is and help you develop or access the tools or qualities that you need in order to get there.

Although this process, commonly named coaching, is a process where inner blocks are explored and released, it is not the same as therapy.

Therapy, most typically, investigates the now in a relationship with the past and helps the client release past traumas or manage mental and emotional dysfunctional tendencies and behaviors.

Coaching is used by individuals who mainly engage in functional behaviors (though we're all a little crazy  :) where the focus is on the present in relationship with the future.

In a therapeutic relationship, a therapist is a form of authority that "knows better", whereas, in a coaching relationship, the client is seen as the expert of themself. Also, there is no evaluation or judgment involved as the coach is the expert on the process of change, (not the client) and therefore acts as the client's PARTNER.

The coach is though obligated to follow the same laws relating to confidentiality as the therapist and both professions need to comply with certain ethical codes.

If you find yourself wanting to work with someone but not sure whether to contact a therapist or a coach, schedule a free chemistry call to discuss your topic and situation to allow you to move forward!

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Meditation by the Sea


"Try not to become a man of success. Rather become a man of value." - Albert Einstein

What drives me is the pursuit of wisdom. I love to take part in new perspectives and ideas as well as to challenge established "truths".  

Every coaching interaction teaches me something that I didn't already know and it is a beautiful experience to see another get past what's blocking them and connect with their inner wisdom to move them forward.

Also, it is my firmest belief that when we cooperate with good allies the output will always be greater than the sum of our input.

Though it is a partnership, the results from the coaching will require your efforts and willingness to explore unknown terrain. I will be by your side the whole time making sure that you are supported with what you specifically need. 

Together we'll make the exploration process into a fun adventure!  

What I commit to deliver in our sessions:

- Full presence & objectivity

- The coaching skills and tools provided through my training

- Non judgment 

- Confidentiality

- Kindness & humor 


Who are you?


Why are you here?


If you could do what it is that you're here for, what would that look and feel like?

You have all the answers and the resources within you. I'm here to help you gain clarity of what you want and build the courage you need in order to reach your vision. 



What would more clarity look like for you? How would it make you feel?

What is your definition of courage and how would you show up differently if you could access it whenever you needed it?

What would it feel like to have a clear direction to move in, one that makes you feel inspired and fully alive?

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