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"We are slaves of what we don't know. Of what we know, we are Masters." - Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

Before going into Personal Leadership Development, I worked in finance for about 10 years. Although I loved it, at a certain point I felt a certain dissonance and work became all about achievement. Then I noticed that this was what I devoted my spare time to as well.

I ignored the nagging sensation in the back of my mind saying that something was off. Suddenly I found myself exactly where I had always dreamt of being, having accomplished my goals but feeling that something was out of alignment.

Trying to use logic and reason, which had been my efficient go-to tools in the past, couldn't solve this problem. I decided that it was time to make a change but as I was missing the right tools at the time, the lessons were learned the hard way which eventually led to burnout.

In retrospect, I feel very grateful for the burnout as it led me to some valuable insights, allowed me to find my authenticity, and to find that the source of inner peace and contentment is within me.

Having done it the hard way, I wish to use my experiences to help others navigate their transformation into leading with authenticity more smoothly.

What I was missing when going through this transformation was support, empowerment, and a process when it came to finding my inner voice, listening to it as well as building up the courage to express and embody it. 

I intend to provide you with this support through the many tools that I gathered in this process and through my training with iPEC, considered the world's best life coaching training in 2022.

My professional background of 10+ years of finding solutions to complex problems is something I bring into this process. Although I won't tell you what solutions to implement, I will ask you the questions that will help you realize and find the answers that are already inside you.


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