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Authentic Self-Leadership Program

Ready to take full ownership of your Self-Leadership, to consciously set the direction of where you're going in a way that allows you to show up for yourself and align with your authenticity?


At the same time not quite sure where to start, where you’re going, and feeling both frustrated and overwhelmed by the amount of work involved as well as all the information available "out there"?

This program is designed for you.


My intention with this program is to provide a process that gives you:

  • Connection with your inner voice and intuition. An understanding of what it is telling you and HOW to follow your inner guidance.

  • Understanding of what your way forward looks like. What it means to walk your own way and the FOCUS to do it.

  • The ability to show up and be true to yourself based on SELF-RESPECT.  Gives a solid feeling of strength and being at peace with yourself.

  • A sense of certainty of what your truth and unique perspective is, with the ability to share that, however you'd like to.

  • The ability to set up inner and outer boundaries. Coming to prioritize holding yourself accountable for speaking your truth while disregarding the opinions of others.

  • The level of courage needed for YOU, as well as the wisdom of how to bring that courage into action.

We will work together in the following steps:

  1. We will discuss where you find yourself currently. Then we make sure to connect you with your authenticity before we move on to the next step.

  2. Create a clear vision of where you’d like to go, experience, and accomplish.

  3. Identify what’s keeping you stuck and what unconscious beliefs connected to the different levels of consciousness, that are holding you back. The results from the ELI will be used for a deeper understanding.

  4. Create a detailed plan of how you will reach your goals, YOUR way, and optimize your chances of success, whatever that means for you.

Who is it for? This program is designed for you who:

- long for GROWTH & CHANGE

- sees that for the outerto change, inner changes must be made as well.

- wants to assume leadership and decide where you're going 

- wants to make conscious decisions that resonates deeply

- sees the benefits of having a professional counterpart to assist you.

- wants to get rid of the frustration and overwhelm you experience from feeling STUCK.

How it works

We will start with a 45 min chemistry call to discuss your current situation and what you're looking to accomplish.

If we agree to work together, we will start the program by you conducting the ELI (Energy Leadership Index Assessment) followed by a 75 min debrief of the test results.

After that follows 9 sessions á 60 minutes, conducted on a weekly or biweekly basis (your choice) via Zoom. You will be in charge of the topics in our meetings. My role is to provide tools and processes to support your specific goals and needs. 


If any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out.

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