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Group Coaching 2-8 people

This coaching program is designed to assist a group of people in achieving their common goal in the most efficient way possible.

This program starts with an initial 60 min conversation with the group to get an idea where the group currently finds itself, what's blocking the progress and what the ideal benefit from working together might be.


If agreed to work together, the session is followed by 6 coaching sessions á 75 minutes with the entire group on a biweekly basis.

An ELI test (read more under the Energy Leadership Index Assessment tab) with a separate debriefing session may be added to this package for every member of the group for an additional charge.    


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Energy Leadership Workshop for groups & teams

An interactive workshop for approx 3 hours on Energy Leadership based on the 7 energy levels as defined by iPEC. 

The participants will learn:

- How to identify, empathize and lead oneself and others depending on the different energy levels. 

- Understand how this approach is related to productivity, efficiency, stress and wellbeing.

- Come to gain a greater self-awareness around one's own patterns of thinking, feeling and behaving along with ways of shifting those habits into more favorable ways of being.

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