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Are you feeling lost & could use a new compass for 2023?

How does the following resonate with you:

  • Want to achieve CHANGE in the upcoming year but aren’t exactly clear on WHERE you would like to go?

  • Want to take CHARGE of your direction forward but aren't sure WHERE TO BEGIN?

  • Haven’t had the time to really think about your way forward, and also avoid doing so because it feels overwhelming on top of everything else?

  • You’re lacking inspiration for a new vision and have the sense that something is blocking you?

To accommodate these needs, I am releasing a new service specially developed for those of you feeling in the need of a new compass going forward. A compass with the intention to motivate and inspire you, and one to consciously direct and adapt your self-leadership after based on how you would like to show up!

The solution I am providing is a 90 min coaching session on DISCOVERING your VISION and your WHY.

This session will serve as a powerful way to:

- gain access to a new vision that pulls and inspires you

- identify your main blocks of achieving that vision with

-concrete steps and an action plan of how to move forward

-allow you to identify what you already have in place, making it easier for you to RELAX in the process.

One coaching session for 90 minutes won't get you over all of your hurdles, but it will give you a new fresh perspective on your future and will serve as a boost to propel you on your way forward.

This is a perfect alternative if it's not possible for you to commit to and invest the time, energy, and money needed for an entire coaching program.

To make it accessible, I will be offering the session at a very favorable rate. DM me with the phrase VISION or send me an email at and I'll send you more information.

Ps. The session is available in English and Swedish!

All the best,


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