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Exercise to help you THINK BIG

Turn to your inner critic and tell them to relax, to sit back, and have a small break. You’re going to do an exercise and they’re not needed for this one. The two of you can catch up later.

The rules for this exercise are that there are no rules, except that there is NO PLACE for FEAR masking as limitations, “rationality” or “realism”...

Then, take out a piece of paper and prepare to write down your most IDEAL VISION with your BIGGEST DREAMS.

1. Make a list of 100 things you’d like to do, accomplish, experience, ways you’d like to feel, what kind of people you’d like to meet and know, etc. Anything that inspires you!

Go for it and don’t stop until you’ve written down at least 100 things.

2. When you’ve completed your list you can tell your inner critic to come back as you're going to need them for this one! Read the list and write a separate list of everything you would have to change and all the fears you have to face to make the first list a reality.

Looking at your fears is how you overcome them. What we don’t look at retains their power.

3. How is avoiding looking at these fears serving you?

4. If it is serving you more to hold on to your fears than to go for your vision; what vision would make it worthwhile for you to face your fears?

More often than not, what gets in our way are beliefs we wrongly adopted as truths when we were very young and that we've never stopped to question.

A simple way of finding out exactly what YOUR LIMITING BELIEFS are is by taking the ELI Assessment. Read more about that here.

Get in touch and schedule a free 45 min chemistry call here if you’re curious to know more about how I can help you get out of your own way and turn your inspiration into reality.

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