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Going your own way

Experiencing bullying when I was a child made me want to belong, fit in, to have it confirmed that I was allowed to belong as I was. But (unconsciously) seeing myself as someone who didn’t belong caused me (again, unconsciously) to act and make choices based on that. The result was that I just got it confirmed back to me that I didn’t belong.

This is how we ourselves create our perception of reality.

We perceive the world based on our unconscious beliefs and thereby our view of ourselves, others, and the world at large is reconfirmed and mirrored back to us. (This can be a lot to take in…)

This also means that as you are the creator of your reality, you're the one with the power to change it.

Finding trained non-judgmental assistance to help me go through the process of evoking consciousness around what caused my perceptions, including investigating what my beliefs and values were, and tapping into the courage to say no to people, places, and circumstances that didn’t align, made me move closer to feeling that I BELONGED WITH ME.

This is why this quote by beautiful Maya Angelou warms my heart and I’m sharing it hoping that it will warm yours too.


And you are meant to GO YOUR OWN WAY.

To ALLOW YOURSELF to do that, you first need to investigate where you’d like to go and make sure that’s not based on unconscious fears. An important note is that although you’re the one in charge of this investigation, it’s very difficult to both be the investigator and the investigated. It’s a form of contradiction. :)

My 1:1 program “Authentic Self-Leadership” is a program taken over the period of 4 or 5 months (optional) where I will partner with you to find, express, and embody your authenticity by specifically:

  • Getting clear on what judgments you currently live by

  • Increasing your EQ

  • Becoming clear on what rules YOU WANT to live by

  • Setting up internal and external boundaries

  • Identifying your strengths & unique perspective

  • Setting up consistent habits and accountability that leads to bringing your authentic leadership into action!

If you’re curious about what it would mean for you to develop your authentic self-leadership; I’d love to connect and discuss more! Please send me a DM and I’ll send you more information.

Sara Dewèrn, founder of Dewolut AB


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