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How much LOVE are you embodying?

If one of the main purposes of life was to EMBODY as much LOVE as possible, how are you doing?

What’s getting in your way?

What would it be like if you were able to live like this, to incorporate it into your everyday life?

What type of contribution do you imagine that would make to the world and those around you?

In iPEC-terms (where I studied coaching), embodying love the way I refer to it, is described as a level 7-state of consciousness.

Level 7 is the highest level of awareness and is a state of consciousness where we can exist free of all judgments and fears. In this state, we are UNCONDITIONALLY loving!

This ability is in EVERYONE and is already available in varying degrees.

The ELI Assessment tells you what your current level 7 state of being is, and how you can increase it.

What’s getting in the way is FEAR.

The test tells you what triggers fear in you on a deep level, and in that way, how to overcome it.

Much love


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