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How will you choose to show up for yourself in 2023? - On setting BOUNDARIES towards yourself

“Never have I dealt with anything more difficult than my own soul, which sometimes helps me and sometimes opposes me.” - Al-Ghazali

Having goals for a new year can both be inspiring and very useful. I would like to encourage you to implement goals of how you’re going to show up, which might be different than what you’ve tried before.

If you’re like me, your usual plan might look something like: “I’m going to quit eating red meat and sugar”.

I would like to encourage you to complement these rules with something like the following affirmation:

“I show up for myself every day, acting in line with my values.”

How will you choose to show up for yourself next year?

To make a statement such as the one above, we first need to know our values.

The values here might represent well-being; physical, emotional, and mental as well as acting with integrity; doing what you know to be the right thing. It might also be walking the talk or living with authenticity.

What values would you like to guide your behavior?

As the quote at the beginning of this post states, we humans are tricky in that we sometimes help ourselves but at other times oppose ourselves… That can make change difficult.

That’s why we need boundaries (and self-compassion) to help us with our self-leadership.

Contemplation prompt:

  • When (in what areas of your life) do you tend to self-abandon and do things that you know aren’t line with how you’d like to show up?

  • What specific circumstances and people tend to cause you to act this way?

  • What do you gain by upholding this dynamic and behavior?

  • What do you lose?

  • What could the potential benefit be from choosing something different for yourself?

  • What boundaries do you believe you need to put in place to make those new choices?

  • What is one small thing you can do to start?

To help you move forward I have two accessible options to get you started!

  1. A 90 min coaching session where we will set a compass for the next year that you can use to guide your self-leadership and overall direction after. In this session we will take a look at your current goals, how you want to show up and what boundaries you need to have in place to do that.

  2. Take the ELI-test and get a quantitative measurement of your current perception of the world, and how that is affecting your ability for self-leadership and how that perception is influencing your energy levels!

The key here is to find the right fit for you based on where you currently are. What do YOU need to support you moving forward?

As the quote suggests; get your own soul to help you rather than to oppose you. Hope everyone will have a wonderful start of 2023!

Much love


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