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Looking where you WANT to go

A man I know got this advice when he was downhill-mountain biking for the first time. As he was setting off down the trail, he looked at all the places in the trail where he didn’t want to go. Naturally, that’s where he went. Then the instructor shouted out to him;


To him, that made all the difference as he was then able to navigate the bike with more ease while also enjoying the experience.

He shared the story along with the insight that he found this intention applicable to all areas of life. After hearing about it, I spent a lot of time contemplating it and found it to be very true and above all, incredibly useful!

The human brain is naturally wired towards spotting perceived dangers for survival. PERCEIVED is a keyword as our nervous system is wired to automatically react when we experience something in the present which we interpreted as dangerous in the past. That’s why what causes us to feel stress differs. (More on that to come in later posts.)

To look where one wants to go; is it that simple? Maybe, maybe not. Maybe it depends on the situation but we all have stressors that are specific to us as well as automatic reactions when we are triggered.

What the stressors have in common is that they take our focus off where we want to go to oftentimes less fruitful actions and tasks. In short; it causes us to react instead of responding appropriately.

Ask yourself:

→ Do you know where you want to go?

→ Why is that important for you?

→ What is pulling your attention away from that?

A coach can help you make clearer WHERE you want to go and help you FOCUS on that which you need to do to get there.

ABOVE ALL, a coach can help you to release the stressors that are pulling your attention away from your focus. That will increase the chances of you reaching your destination faster while also being able to enjoy the ride. Efficient and enjoyable!

I'm here to partner with you.

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