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Releasing the grip of FEAR

How much of your life is currently directed by fear?

How much of your life WOULD YOU LIKE to be directed by fear going forward?

If we come to realize that a great part of our life is indeed governed by fear - what do we do then? “Feel the fear and do it anyway” - is that really the way to go about it?

Usually, people try to manage their fear by either:

  • identifying themselves with fear and then JUDGING themselves for feeling it with the consequence of remaining STUCK, or;

  • pushing it down by different means, only to find it return later on with increased force.

Meditation teacher and author Deborah Eden Tull said that what works is to: “hold hands with the one who is afraid while simultaneously taking the next step forward in courage”.

I found this to be both beautifully said and very true. To be able to hold hands with "the one who is afraid" we must first aim at cultivating curiosity and compassion. Then we can meet our fears, feel them and transcend them.

The capability to meet ourselves (and others) with compassion is where our true power resides, not in forcing things.

Societal norms unfortunately still hold on to the old and ingrained belief that force is the way to do it, how one "should" do it. This creates so much judgment towards others, but most of all towards ourselves.

Courageous acts with compassion are instead what makes a person grow and what will release the grip of fear.

As a coach, my job is to partner with my clients and hold their hands while encouraging them to take the next step forward, all the while making sure that they are making decisions from a place of authenticity over fear.

In the process of cultivating our own curiosity and compassion, having another to hold that attitude towards us is more than helpful.

Having someone to partner with in this way is also so very valuable because it makes it possible to see the inner narrative objectively, which is a must if we want to question and change them.

That way you can come to realize that the things you’re afraid of are actually your own thoughts…

And just as thoughts are not real, neither is fear.

Reach out and schedule a free 45-min coaching session if you’re curious to see how you could benefit from leading a life with more authenticity than fear.



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