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The FEAR of hiring a coach - how misperception trips us up

You have a challenge in front of you that you've spent a considerable amount of time thinking about. Despite all the effort, you haven’t gotten far.

💣 You are starting to see the value of hiring someone to help you gain more clarity so that you will be able to move forward. Feeling stuck is starting to feel frustrating and it costs you valuable time and energy. You are motivated to do the work, you just need to know WHERE you're going so you can figure out WHAT to do.

Something about the thought of hiring someone to help you brings up a lot of FEAR. What is it that you’re afraid of?

🧠 What if the fear around hiring a coach is based on a MISPERCEPTION of what a coach does rather than what they actually do?

🙋‍♀️ When I was looking for a coach some years ago, what stopped me from hiring one was the fear of being judged. My inner critic was already so LOUD, the last thing I needed was an external critic. I didn’t want or need someone else judging me. This was what I thought a coach was going to do; tell me what I needed to change and how to change. (Hint - this was WRONG!!!)

This fear of judgment is something I encounter in people ALL THE TIME, especially in high performers and in men. This is nothing but normal. So normal.

💪 If we already have the DRIVE to improve, the willingness to PUSH THROUGH and WORK HARD, we don’t need an external source to pull out the whip. If you believe that this is how a coach will coach you, it makes TOTAL SENSE if this makes you pull back.

The MISUNDERSTANDING and MISPERCEPTION that a coach will coach us like a sports coach, is preventing us from receiving the value of the assistance that a (real) coach provides.

Then, what is a coach? They are:


YOUR goal = THEIR goal



Listening for YOUR specific needs


🧐 The right coach for YOU will have full faith that you already have the resources and answers to your challenges within you, and will therefore refrain from any advice.

🧠 A coach assists you by PROVIDING A PROCESS that allows you to gain ACCESS to these resources and answers.

Having read this, how (if at all) has this changed the level of fear you feel around hiring a coach?

If you are still experiencing some fear, that’s understandable. Working on achieving change is one of the scariest things we can do as humans. What if hiring a coach could decrease that fear considerably?

🎯 What if a coach could help you tap into the courage you needed to help you face change, get out of your own way, and into leading with authenticity; what would that mean for you? What would be different and what would it make POSSIBLE?

I invite you to a free 45 min coaching call where we can discuss what you’re looking to achieve, what’s getting in your way, and to see if we’re a match.

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