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The most COURAGEOUS thing you’ll EVER do

When you are angry at a colleague, what makes you angry is not the colleague but YOUR thoughts and perceptions of what that colleague’s behavior means. Before you object, please note that I’m not saying that you’re not allowed to, or have the right, to be angry. You're allowed to feel all your feelings, and being angry might be the appropriate response to the situation. You can respond to their behavior appropriately and at the same time remain unaffected internally…

Because YOUR PERCEPTION is always the core forming your experience. When we realize this we can take back our POWER!

If our perceptions are the root of our experiences, that means we have the power to change them.

Therefore, the most courageous thing you’ll ever do is MEETING YOURSELF.

Meeting yourself here means meeting your perceptions and interpretations of reality.

Most of us have to be forced to do this only after having gone through a huge amount of suffering. That's sad when it’s probably the most EMPOWERING experience one can have. And we can choose to meet ourselves before we're forced to. (I wish I had.)

You’re NOT your thoughts or your feelings.

You don’t have to be “at the effect” of them. You can come to consciously choose what you take them to mean and how to respond to them.

Having done that, nothing can make you prouder. Nor can anything really frighten you. Because you understand that you are the one who gives meaning to whatever happens. It doesn't mean that you'll never slip or have a relapse back to your old patterns. At the back of your mind, you will remember your insights, then you can choose to realign yourself to them again.

This is what self-leadership looks like.

Where to start?

This is the time of year when we tend to go more inwards to reflect and set goals for the coming year. So it’s the perfect time to start!

I have a few options for you to choose from.

The ELI Assessment

Will give you a clear view of what your perceptions are, including your attitudes and beliefs and how they cause us to feel and show up. This is a brilliant map of the general perceptions common to all, developed by the world-renowned coaching school of iPEC. Authentic Self-Leadership Program

For you who want to show up for yourself and assume full self-leadership but are feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by feelings of self-doubt and fear. This program is designed to help you align with your inner truth so you can unfold into the most authentic version of yourself.

Group Coaching For groups that could benefit from gaining a greater perspective of how the group members’ mindsets and perceptions are causing them to show up and influence each other - I offer a group coaching program based on the Energy Leadership principles by iPEC to optimize your cooperation so the group can reach its goals in the most efficient way possible. For groups, the powerful assessment tool ELI360 is also available. There the original ELI is included and in addition, the group members (and the leader) can come to understand how they perceive themselves in comparison to how others perceive them, based on 36 different leadership attributes.

Please DM me with a short note about which alternative speaks to you and I’ll provide you with more information! Much love Sara

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