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The ONE thing that rules your life

The ONLY thing you know is your own experience.

You can’t ever observe or look at anything outside of your own experience, because what you perceive to be on the “outside”, is experienced within you.

Everything you’ve EVER experienced was experienced through your own lens of perception. That lens formed, and continues to form, your everyday experience.

That being said, what could be more important than understanding the lens which forms that experience when the sum of those experiences is called your life?

Most people, when they are dissatisfied, go about trying to change outside circumstances, whether this is a job, a living situation, or a partner.

Without making the associated internal changes though, it is very likely, if not almost certain, that you will end up repeating the same patterns and experiences in your new job or with your new partner because your lens of perception remains unchanged.

With your lens remaining the same, you will get triggered by the same things, repeating the same thoughts, feeling the same feelings, and behaving in the same ways as before.

Have you ever experienced this yourself? I know I have.

We look for satisfaction in the outside world until we see that it won’t be able to provide us with what we’re looking for. Then we are ready to look at what can, and that journey takes us inward.

Have you come to that stage yet?

There’s a test that can very efficiently show you what your lens of perception looks like. This will tell you how you’re perceiving everyday circumstances and how that perception is causing you to think, feel and act. Also, how this affects your level of energy and how your lens is causing you to show up, in normal circumstances as well as under stress.

This way, the test will show you the underlying beliefs and attitudes that are at the ROOT of your perceptions and external circumstances.

The test I’m talking about is the ELI. When you take the ELI you will get an 11-page report to show you what is holding you back, along with what is POSSIBLE. That information and insight allow for a plan and strategy of how to move you forward.

The test takes 20-30 minutes to complete online and the results will be presented in a personal debriefing session á 75-90 min with me via Zoom.

Book HERE, or comment or message me with the wording “ELI” before the end of the 22nd of Jan, and I’ll give you a 20% discount on the test. The original price is EUR 200 or 2000 SEK + VAT.

Best wishes,


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