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The road ahead needs to be your own

In a world that constantly bombards us with "shoulds", dictating what we should desire and how we should behave, it can be tempting to follow the well-trodden path rather than finding our own unique way forward.

If you feel that the direction you have taken may need adjustment, it is essential to start by clarifying the "shoulds" that you have adopted as your own.

- How do you believe your road ahead "should look", and how do you feel about that?

- Which values and needs are currently being honored, and which ones are being neglected?

- What could an alternative road look like?

- What fears are associated with taking a different path?

- What would you choose if those fears were not a factor?

Allow yourself to ask uncomfortable questions.

By investing time and effort into examining these "shoulds", we can gain clarity and discernment.

What is the best outcome that could arise from this process? With love,


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