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“We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking that created them.” - Einstein

I’ve met several people who, when confronted with a challenge, try to solve it themselves by analyzing it to pieces.

I get it because this is what I used to do as well.

I thought I could figure everything out if I just thought about things long and hard enough. I tried until I realized it didn’t lead me anywhere other than into a downward spiral that just lowered my energy but left me completely stuck on the actual problem itself.

It took me a good while to realize this though. Don't waste your time and energy as I did.

My way of thinking had created the problem so in retrospect it makes sense that it couldn’t be used to solve it. Also, there were blockages that I couldn’t see from my perspective.

In coaching terms, finding oneself stuck in overthinking is what we call “analysis paralysis”. It’s very common, especially if you’re a person used to relying on your skill of analysis.

Gaining a new way of thinking and expanding your awareness is what coaching gives you because it will:

1. Give you awareness of what your blockages are (which in some cases might surprise you).

2. Lead you to understand them, and what purpose they’re serving (because all of them do have a purpose believe it or not).

3. Find YOUR way of overcoming them (that is, without having to receive advice from another).

4. Remove the obstacles altogether

So even though I am a certified professional coach myself nowadays, I still have my own coach.

The main reason for this is once you see the blockages, it makes it INFINITELY EASIER to overcome or remove them.

How much are you currently struggling with “analysis paralysis”?

DM me for a free 45-min brainstorming session to help you move forward. Love Sara

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