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We know we “SHOULD JUST DO IT”, yet we aren’t. WHY?

What is your reaction when I say that you’re not resisting doing “that thing”, but what you are resisting is feeling the emotions associated with that task?

On some level, you already know this, that’s how you know that this is true. So simple, yet so complex. That’s the reality of being a human.

I’ve met so many high achievers who struggle with these things and many of those I’ve talked to have the common strategy of getting the whip out to force themselves to “just get the shit done”.

To toughen up, get disciplined, trying to outsmart oneself. I sure recognize all these strategies, having tried to think myself out of any challenge. To look at it from every angle, analyzing the problem and myself to bits. How's that working for you?

When the obstacle is emotional and not mental, it's unlikely that it will work. You can try until you don’t have any more energy or you can explore doing it another way.

First, getting an idea of what it is that you’re feeling, is a good start. It is absolutely normal to feel resistance if you’re used to solving problems by thinking. On some level, we are all avoiding facing our emotions.

Allow yourself to vent and to release your negative feelings constructively. What could that be for you?

When I say release the feelings in a CONSTRUCTIVE way, for many of us that means talking to friends and family. That’s one of the key reasons why we need them; for support, and it's great if you have that.

However, oftentimes our friends and family don’t have the emotional awareness nor the ability to listen to us from an OBJECTIVE perspective (without an agenda of their own) to be able to truly help us to deal with what we are feeling to RELEASE it.

Apart from releasing the emotion, you might also need to change how you approach the situation the next time you encounter that resistance. A trained coach will allow you to vent, release the emotion, and turn the experience into useful ACTION.

Getting to the root of what caused your resistance in the first place and defusing that trigger, means you WON'T have to struggle to do “that thing” in the future. What challenges could this process help you overcome?

I am here to help you navigate through your experience by helping you gain some clarity around exactly where you are stuck, and together we'll find the key to RELEASING that block.

Offer yourself some compassion when you hit your blocks of resistance. As I mentioned above; it’s a completely normal part of the human experience. Though at the same time, being compassionate towards yourself also means DOING something about your problem.

I am here to help you help yourself in the best way possible by tapping into your inner resources. Why are you making it harder than it needs to be; what is your resistance around reaching out for assistance?

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