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Weeding out your garden (and preparing it during winter)

“When a flower doesn’t bloom, you fix the environment in which it grows, not the flower”. - Alexander Den Heijer

As long as a winter season might seem, summer will eventually come. Winter is the time of year when nature rests and therefore serves an important purpose. It’s the perfect time for you to take the time to plan your garden and to pre-cultivate the plants that might need a longer season.

When a fruit tree is trimmed down in autumn it might seem as its capacity to bear fruits is lessened while in reality, the opposite is true. What would be the result if the tree would resist being trimmed down?

The sacrifice of the tree’s branches is done for it to grow stronger in the coming season. Taking stock of our current circumstances and actively making decisions is equivalent to weeding out one’s garden or trimming down the tree. We might not want to make some changes but as with the tree, it might be very beneficial for us.

Your life is your garden - how are you tending to it?

For the flowers to bloom and thrive, the weeds must be kept away. Take some time to consider:

  • What are the weeds that tend to come up in your garden? (Fear of conflict, avoidance, procrastination?)

  • In what areas of your garden do they tend to sprout? (Health, relationships, work, etc.)

  • How are you fertilizing these weeds?

  • What is ONE action you could take, to either STOP fertilizing the weed or to UPROOT it?

The seeds you are planting want to grow and flourish but the environment also needs to allow for it to happen. The weeds are preventing the seeds from blooming into their inherently beautiful nature. Like the tree, we are used to and attached to our branches but sometimes they need to be trimmed down to allow for stronger and more fruit-bearing branches.

Like the quote implies, nothing’s wrong with the seed that is destined to be a flower. As long as a winter season might seem, summer will eventually come.

What are you looking forward to seeing growing in your garden this coming season? Please reach out to discuss how I can assist you in the process!

Ps. Analogy of the fruit tree attributed to Ryan Kurczak.

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