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The difference between egoic & authentic LOVE

What brings forth a sense of inner joy and love for no other reason than because you LOVE it?

We enjoy many things and activities because they give us something; a feeling of accomplishment, conditional love, status, money, etc.

All these things are perfectly normal to want and enjoy. The thing is that they are all conditioned. They come with invisible expectations and contracts of receiving something in return, and are connected to our sense of self, our identity. Sometimes the connection is obvious, but at other times it is subtle and barely noticeable.

What we want is happiness and a sense of inner peace, and believe that we will get happy inside after receiving something from the outside.

The more we practice self-awareness, the more we become aware of the expected return connected to these activities; our motivations for doing them, and when we do, they lose a lot of their pull.

But with more self-awareness, we also notice the things we do for no reason other than because we LOVE doing them.

The love and joy that arises then come from our authentic self. It's like an awakening of the happiness that already exists within that wants to flow outwards. The only reason is its natural expression.

In a coaching session earlier this week, a client of mine told me how she had just discovered a form of dance that led her to be fully present in the moment and release all sense of control.

For her, previously having done most things for a purpose, and not having been able to dance without alcohol, this was a huge milestone! Having discovered this new sense of joy and feeling free to express it, she felt so free.

What engages you so much that you want to fully devote yourself to it, to release all control and to be fully present NOW? //Sara

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