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What is the ONE thing you’re ALL ABOUT?

💡 This is your core, your personal joy. YOU at your ESSENCE! This might not be what you expect it to be. Chances are that it probably isn’t.

Going through values assessment with coaching clients, most find it REALLY difficult to pinpoint one’s top values or to distinguish if these values are one’s own or if they’re the values one feels one “should” have. (This is of course why we do coaching, to find out! 🧐)

Not knowing is not “bad”, it’s normal. We are constantly bombarded with messages about how we “should” or “need'' to be to belong. Whether we are aware of it or not, it definitely affects us more than we think.

Narrowing down one's top values to ONE thing leads to wonderful and revealing AHA moments. ⚡ In my case, when I realized that the one thing I’m all about is TRUTH, it hit me why my top values are what they are and why I do what I do.

Taking the example of my top values of open-mindedness, authenticity, connection, truth, and integrity; open-mindedness and integrity become natural as what I care about is truth. Also, as I truly value connection, I create value and serve others by helping them find their truth. Doing that is my way of leading with authenticity. Simple but profound.

What are you hoping that this ONE thing will give you (if anything)?

Peace, love, joy, acceptance, belonging? There is no right or wrong. You are allowed to be about that and to want whatever you want as long as it serves you (and no one else is harmed).

🙌 Having the answers to these two questions brings such CLARITY. Then it becomes easier to free yourself and to LET GO of the things which are NOT in alignment. This is what I mean by helping you lead with authenticity.


Growth is NOT about adding something. It’s about stripping away what you are not! It’s all a peeling off, a letting go. A letting go leading to that which you are looking for. 🔍

I’m here to help you find YOUR TRUTH so you can lead with the authenticity which you are meant to lead with. Get in touch!

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