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When do you compromise your values and why?

When I was asked this question the answer gave me an aha-moment where some pieces of the puzzle suddenly came together. I love getting those moments of insight and maybe even more - asking questions that allow others to have them. Such insights allow one to choose consciously which is nothing but beautiful and empowering!

To answer this question, it might be helpful to first gain clarity around what your values actually are. Also, if these values come from a place of conscious choice or if they’ve been handed to us from others (which some naturally have been). We often think that all of our values are ours when in reality, they’re not.

Our values may also change as we move through life. Therefore, exploring our values and aligning with them is a continuous exercise. The reward of doing this is living a life according to your truth. Translated into feelings as choosing happiness and ease.

To be able to live in alignment with who you really are, gaining clarity around who that is, is an important first step.

What decisions would be easier to make if you would make them according to your top-values?

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