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Who can you help today without any expectation of getting something back?

No man is an island.

In today’s competitive society there’s an emphasis on being self-made, “getting ahead” and succeeding.

If we take a step back, we can see that these are all concepts made to inflate our egos. (With that said - it’s understandable if you let this get to you in one way or another.)

We all influence and are being influenced by each other more than we think, though this isn’t in line with the ego’s aim of being “better than” everybody else. Often, we need life to show us the truth of this.

Thinking about this theme, I would like to give to someone who could benefit.

I will give away 2 coaching programs worth EUR 2000 at a voluntary fee depending on the client’s resources. The program is available in English and Swedish.

My idea is to give these programs to people who find themselves experiencing:

- burnout (or been close to)

- feeling stuck, wanting to find their own way forward

- wanting to go from an achievement-mentality to being guided by joy, meaning, and inspiration

- longing to find and connect with their life purpose

- wanting to align more with their authentic selves

Is this YOU? Please send me a DM and we’ll get in touch.

Know someone who fits this description? Please send them this post or tag them below.

Don’t exactly fit the description but still want to be considered? Please contact me with a short motivation.

WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO GIVE, and WHO CAN YOU GIVE IT TO without expecting anything back?



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