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You don’t need anyone to give you advice

Because you already have the answers to your questions within...

About 95% of people (roughly estimated based on my own market research) believe that a coach is someone who gives people advice.


Coaching is a process that has the purpose of getting a person from point A to B. The way the person gets to point B is by accessing THEIR OWN answers to base their decisions on.

The role and purpose of coaching can be likened to pulling on the light switch in a dimly lit room.

When the lights come on you can see where you are, what the room looks like, how to navigate it, and where you’re going.

The coach is the person who knows how the light switch works. But the room, and the choice of how to navigate it - is YOURS!

What questions are you currently seeking your own answers to?

Schedule a free chemistry call to see if and how coaching could potentially help you to access those answers. Have a great day! Love Sara

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