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You’ll find out what’s keeping you STUCK when you try to MOVE

If you want to face all your inner critics and fears all at once, I recommend that you start your own business.

Preferably one where you are the product, brand, and face outwards. At least, this is how it's been for me.

Then, all your limiting beliefs, assumptions, self-judgments, and past hurts will come rushing to the surface in an attempt to keep you safe. Because that’s what their underlying motives and intentions are.

Maybe that will sound something like:

  • “Why did you choose this path? That was stupid! And why on earth are you feeling scared and why don’t you believe more in yourself? Toughen up already!”

  • “This was a dumb idea, I’m not good enough to do this. I feel scared and ashamed that I even thought that I could.”

  • “No one understands me or is there for me when I need support. What’s even the point!?”

But in the middle of this (FINALLY) there’s a voice that says:

“It’s understandable that this situation is scary and that you feel lonely, overwhelmed, and are experiencing self-doubt. It’s completely normal considering the circumstances. But you’ve been challenged in the past and you survived. You’ll get through this and whatever happens - you are going to learn immensely from it and grow into a more courageous and wiser person because of it.”

The narrative will depend on what the specific trigger is and what your past experiences have been.

Your defense mechanisms will kick in and try to keep you safe, and as a result of the narrative, might keep you stuck in these different ways:

  • Leave you paralyzed with self-judgment

  • Cause you to hide out of fear or shame, or

  • Lead you to distract yourself by doing various other things than what you know you ought to be focusing on.

The goal with coaching is to increase your ability for self-leadership and to turn up the volume of the voice of your authentic self, who you really are, and the one who is most aligned with the reality of things.

That is, the one that is compassionate and understanding but the one who also has some self-discipline and discernment.

None of us are in our authentic self all the time, not even someone working as a coach… But we can all get more fully into that self by doing the work required and intentionally aligning ourselves to that part of us.

Reach out if you’d like to have more info on how to get there and a partner in the process! Send an email ti or schedule a chemistry call HERE.



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