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What would the world look like if more people were able to connect with their true selves and lead with authenticity? My mission is to find out.

I gained my certification as a Certified Professional Coach with iPEC, considered in 2022 to provide the world’s best life coaching training.


The process iPEC teaches and the one I am providing through my services is specifically designed to help you move from where you are toward where you’d like to go. This process has proven to be far more efficient than other coaching processes as it deals with the underlying causes of what is keeping you where you are.


I am particularly passionate about helping curious growth-oriented individuals find, express, and embody their inner truth so they can self-express and lead with authenticity in all areas of their lives.

This is done through the following services:


  • Authentic Self-Leadership Program (1:1 coaching)


  • Energy Leadership Index Assessment (ELI-test)


  • Group Coaching for 2-8 people

  • Interactive Energy Leadership Workshops for groups & teams


For individuals, these services are designed to help you:

- Find, express & embody your inner truth & authenticity
- Gain clarity around what you value, who you are & where you are going
- Tap into your innate courage to align your actions and achieve your goals
- Challenge & overcome perceived limitations
- Gain an inner sense of peace & freedom
- Come into full self-expression in all areas of your life

For businesses, these services have the benefits of:

- Increase productivity & motivation by tapping into inner resources
- Develop & unleash creativity
- Enhance decision making
- Develop and boost self-leadership and empowerment
- Improve communication & collaboration
- Prevent, decrease & manage stress

Curious to learn more? Book a 45 min call with me below or contact me at


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